SMALLIFY has delivered its labs and training programs to over 10,000 leaders in local, state and federal agencies throughout the U.S. and internationally. SMALLIFY has worked with government partners on a wide range of external (community) and internal (organizational) challenges, including: economic development, housing and homelessness, transportation and infrastructure, accessibility, open data, digital transformation, process improvement, procurement, talent acquisition and retention, smart cities, juvenile justice, sustainability, responsible government, citizen-centered services, workforce development, design of public spaces, and innovation capacity building for government workers. SMALLIFY also partners with FUSE Corps to deliver training programs in rapid innovation and human-centered design to civic and community leaders in over a dozen U.S. cities and state agencies. We’ve worked with:

  • The City of San Francisco to develop a centralized, online affordable housing portal and with local citizens to design and turn a reclaimed 17-acre parking lot into a mixed-use housing, retail and park environment.
  • The State of California to increase public access to health-related and law-enforcement data, adopt innovative approaches to its operations, and train over 500 health care and Information Technology leaders in rapid innovation methods.
  • FUSE Corps to develop and scale a national civic venture that has placed over 100 executive innovation fellows with Mayors in 29 US cities to help address a range of issues, including economic and workforce development, healthcare, public safety, climate change, and education
  • The State of California’s Health and Human Services Agency to develop and implement human-centered design and rapid innovation curriculum for its innovation leadership program.
  • Covered California to train over 400 employees and staff in rapid innovation tools and implement digital transformation and other customer-facing services.
  • The City and County of Los Angeles to integrate new “Smart City” technologies into city infrastructure and workforce development for reentry populations.
  • The City of Pittsburgh, the police, county health department and community to develop an integrated response to the opioid epidemic. 
  • The City of Long Beach Office of Equity and community members to design strategies for a more equitable community.
  • The City of Los Angeles Public Library to design the New Americans Initiative, which helps guide immigrants through the process of earning U.S. citizenship.
  • The City of Bilbao, Spain, to design “wayfinding paths” to attract and guide foreign visitors to the Guggenheim museum and outdoor art treasures.

The White House Offices of Personnel Management and Social Innovation, the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Vallejo, Fresno, Stockton, Long Beach, Vallejo, Seattle, Houston, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Cleveland, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Hartford, Detroit, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Honolulu, Bilbao (Spain), Los Angeles County, the California Departments of Technology and Health and Human Services, the Hawaii Departments of Human Services, Education and Justice, and multiple other state agencies.